We Are Changing Lives

Rebirth Homes has programs for those entering our community. We offer services that support our clients in education, counseling, and job training. Our purpose for these programs is to get you back on your feet and into a state of independence once again. We have a high success rate with our clients and would love to help you too! We work to help our women get back into a place of self-support by providing assistance in the following areas. Through these areas we help women develop themselves both spiritually and financially to become their best versions of themselves.

Survivor Home Program

Rebirth Homes provides a 24 month residential program for women 18 years and older who have been trafficked.  The program includes professional trauma-based counseling, group counseling, equine therapy, life skill and job skill training, fitness and health education, and other services for the participants.  This is the primary program for Rebirth Homes.

Success is evaluated through life change in the participants.  Success would include healing from trauma and self-sufficiency at the end of the 24 months.

Outreach Program

Since 2014, Rebirth Homes has provided services to survivors of human trafficking through counseling, assisting with critical financial needs and mentoring.

Success is evaluated through the impact on the survivor’s life.  If there is life change and the ability to move forward in her life, we would see that as a success.

Community Awareness Program

Rebirth Homes provides training on human trafficking, mentoring and how to journey with a survivor of human trafficking.  Additionally, Rebirth Homes participates in community events to spread awareness of the prevalence of human trafficking in our neighborhoods.  Since 2014, over 50,000 people have been exposed to the reality of human trafficking and what is happening in Southern California.

Success is seen through engagement as a result of awareness.  Currently, about 40% of event attendees engage through volunteering or donating to Rebirth Homes.