Rebirth Homes would like to open a home for moms with children. This home will be for mothers that who have been trafficked and have young children. There are no resources available for this particular group of trafficking victims in our area. We are determined to break the generational cycle of children of human trafficking victims becoming victims themselves.

With our first property, there are two homes sitting on the 1.3 acres. We are opening the first home for adult women and the 2nd home will be for moms with young children. We will open it once we have the resources needed for this target population.

We see the women who have been empowered and equipped through Rebirth Homes being the future leaders of the program. Our long-term vision is to provide healing and restoration to 1 Million victims of human trafficking by opening homes/facilities in the United States and globally. It is a very big vision and we believe it can happen if we work together to eradicate human trafficking. We invite every person we have the opportunity to share with to join in the fight against human trafficking.