About Us

At Rebirth Homes, women receive high-level care, especially in the area of trauma therapy and group counseling, job skill training, and education. We engage the community as a whole to battle human trafficking and invite you to join this community dedicated to fighting human trafficking. When the women enter our home, they do so with no personal items or financial support. Through their journey at Rebirth Homes, they will be provided with everything they need to live a life of freedom. The four main comments of our program include physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. We have an amazing group of talented professionals who are providing their services to the women.

Physical healing includes providing basic medical care through a licensed medical staff. The home will offer a place of physical safety where the women can just “be”.

Mental healing will come through professional counselors who are licensed and trained to work with victims of human trafficking. We will offer individual and group counseling to the women each week.

Emotional healing will be offered by providing trained mentors and a support team for each woman to encourage her and journey with her throughout the 24 month program. After graduation from the program, our support team will continue to stay connected and maintain personal relationships with each woman to ensure she will be successful in future life endeavors.

Spiritual healing will occur over time as women learn freedom through faith. We are open to any woman of any religious background who has been trafficked. Our approach is one of open arms and loving the women for who they are every step of the journey.